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The Grief Centre of Western Australia provides understanding, support and pathways to wellbeing for people living with grief. We work to ease the heartache of any type of loss, and advocate to change the way grief is viewed and responded to in our world. Contact us on 0404 658 052


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About Grief

Grief is a natural and normal response to loss that evokes powerful emotions. Sorrow, guilt, physical pain, regret, anger, and emptiness can all come with grief.  These emotions may engulf us, shroud our thinking and lead to despair, through the overwhelm of dealing with the changes that loss can bring.  

Some believe it’s best to bury the intense and wild emotions of grief, and to just ‘get on with life’. In the long term this tends not to be wise; not for the individual, their family or their community.

Keeping our hearts wide open, no matter what the circumstances of our loss are or the emotions of the moment, allows grief to transform, and us along with it.  Aching for relief from the heaviness and heartache of loss to allow a glimmer of hope, doesn't diminish the depth of our grief or how profound our loss is.  It's about allowing change to transform us.

At the Grief Centre we know that with understanding and support, grief can be embraced as a part of life and used to inspire new meaning and purpose.  While this may take time, feeling what needs to be felt along the way is the key.  We invite you to click here, to find stories of life renewed shared by those who have attended our Centre for support. 


When shared and honoured grief transforms!

Welcome to the Grief Centre

You are warmly invited to join our community in-person or on-line.

ACKNOWLEDGING TRADITIONAL CONNECTION:  The Grief Centre honours the Indigenous wisdom of Aboriginal people throughout Western Australia and offers compassion for the grief felt over losses to their kin, culture and country.  We acknowledge Noongar people as the Traditional Custodians of the Land on which we work and play. We recognise that sovereignty over this Land was never ceded, and that it always was, and will be Aboriginal Land.  The Centre welcomes collaboration with Aboriginal people and communities that furthers their self-determination and supports the well-being and connection of all.

OUR INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY: The Grief Centre values and includes people of all backgrounds, preferences, and abilities. We are committed to providing the space and opportunity for all who experience heartache to find comfort, care and belonging.

COVID NOTES:  As a compassionate and inclusive community the Grief Centre warmly welcomes everyone who is living with heartache to access our grief support services, both in person and on-line.  With the lifting of some mandates, vaccine-status is not longer requested on arrival at the Grief Centre. Mask-wearing, social distancing and use of the SafeWA app will still be required at times when directed by the state government. 

If you are feeling unwell please stay home, take good care and use our on-line services.

Our Partners and Sponsors

The Grief Centre offers gratitude for their generosity and kind support.

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Your question is welcome here, whether it's about our services, our mission or to be involved at the Grief Centre, we'd love to hear from you.

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