Our Advisory Board

Christine Richardson

Christine Richardson is a Social Scientist, Wellness Consultant and Education Management Professional, researching and working in behavior, thought and emotional management, developing and presenting seminars, courses, workshops and training programs for over three decades. Christine’s practice uses her skills and experience in the self management and emotional literacy arena to empower individuals, families and communities from all walks of life. Since 2010 that work has been mostly focused on those in mourning and grief. Not to minimize or distract them from the despair and brokenness this emotion can bring. But to invite, to encourage people to lean into their heartbreak, to ignore societal expectations around how they should or shouldn’t be responding, to grieve well. So that they are more ready and able to find pathways and purpose in life after loss. Her work within the communities systemic dysfunction and societal ills, led to Christine being a founding board member of the Alcohol and Other Drugs Consumer Community Coalition (AODCCC), for a number of years. As Founder of The Grief Centre of Western Australia, she is using her corporate training work in private practice and the public sector, Christine continues to use her strong position to advocate for change in the way grief and loss is viewed within the community. Her belief that grief has a profound impact on lives, with often intergenerational consequences, drives her work to educate and better inform individuals, families, workplaces, departments and communities on the issues of unresolved grief.

Hayley Solich

Hayley Solich is a mother of five, wife, sister, aunt and survivor of grief and trauma. In her professional life, Hayley is a recognised national leader in the mental health space and is currently the Deputy Co-Chair of the National Mental Health Consumer & Carer Forum. She is a passionate and awarded community developer and systemic advocate, whose family has been touched by road trauma, cancer and suicide. ' Hayley is a seasoned facilitator, with a strong background in governance and experience in the public sector, community managed organisations and private enterprise. She brings to the Board her depth of knowledge of administration, curriculum development, marketing and business development, as well as, understanding of the structures and processes required for good governance.

Vicki Martin

Vicki started her career at PwC, London where she gained her Chartered Accountant’s qualification whilst working in Middle Markets Tax. Since then she has worked in a variety of industries with a focus on start-up environments, which have not only given her a robust financial skill, but also provided the opportunity to develop a strong commercial and operational acumen. More recently, her ethical values and passion for people and equality, have seen her seek out more purposeful work and apply her skillset to the fields of environment and conservation, the disability sector and now mental health services. Vicki hopes to add value to the Board on matters of finance, corporate governance, risk management and strategy.

Kathryn Budzinska
Management Committee Member

Kath has been involved at the Grief Centre of WA since December 2015 initially as a specialist grief counsellor and support group facilitator, and more recently as a member of the Management Committee, and now the GCWA Advisory Board. Kath has 4 decades of experience as a Registered Comprehensive Nurse specialising in midwifery. As a result, Kath has worked across the birth, life, and death spectrum. In addition to continuing with her nursing career, Kath completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology in order to offer grief support for the parents of baby-death. Kath regularly runs Professional Development seminars for health professionals so they have opportunities to acknowledge and attend to their grief outside of the workplace.

Danielle Mettam

Danielle is an experienced strategic business development professional, with lived experience in grief. Her passion grew to bridge the gaps for individuals and families trying to navigate this journey. She believes these gaps appear in the information and resources provided within communities, work life, education, health and support work. However, through educating and guiding society Danielle believes we can reduce some of the pain by creating a holistic resource centre for grief. Caring and supporting her Mum after the loss of her Dad, then later in life with a terminal illness, prompted her to seek more information around what support services and information is available to individuals and families experiencing end of life circumstances. Trying to navigate through the legalities, advanced health systems, documentation and simply trying to find support was incredibly overwhelming and the information provided was inconsistent from so many sources. This frustration led her to change industries and work with the Grief Centre, so she can utilise her knowledge to help reduce the stress and confusion for others.

Abdulmalik Morton
Management Committee Member

Mort is people person in the truest sense, with a very mixed background that includes Irish, Native American Indian, African American and Creole heritage. Mort has lived and worked in many parts of the world and is conversant in a number of languages. This multi-cultural, international perspective gives Mort a great advantage when it comes to developing the vital relationships necessary to understand the dynamics of diverse groups and situations. Mort is passionate about grief work and works as a transformational management consultant and coach in large organisations and with individuals.

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