Community Grief Gatherings

Community Grief Gatherings are based on the recognition that over the ages and across cultures, traditions around the world have always seen and experienced grief as a communal event.

In western society, the pain of loss lingers for many people largely due to there being no space for it to be honoured beyond the context of a funeral and wake. Access to simple, non-sectarian gatherings, that are held in a safe and welcoming place, offers a powerful way to lift the heartache of grief while building community connection.

Annually the Grief Centre hosts an event called "In Memory of Ordinary Things" in mid December and also hosts grief gatherings out in the community throughout the year.

A Testimonial

Over the past 3 years I have experienced some significant losses in life, and the most recent was the death of my brother in South Australia in 2021. I was unable to travel to be with him due to flight restrictions brought about by the COVID pandemic. Being in another state and not seeing him or attending his funeral left me with a feeling of unreality and unresolved grief. I continued day to day with a heavy heart and sadness. I have always been a person to work things out on my own, but I felt like going along to this group and giving it a try.

Attending the Community Grief Gathering was an enormously positive experience for me. Since attending the Grief Gathering, I have felt a very real shift in my thinking regarding my brother's passing. I feel a peace about it and less sadness. 

I was very impressed at the professionalism and knowledge of The Grief Guides who offered this event. At every point, The Grief Guides were quietly looking out for people‚Äôs wellbeing and by the end of the time, we all knew it was a safe place of compassion that we could return to or offer to our loved ones and friends. I commend the staff on their dedication and knowledge as we all need this support at some time in our lives. Ali R

To know more about our forthcoming Gatherings, or to be involved as a Grief Guide, please email

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