Community Education & Corporate Training

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Educating the community about how grief presents, and the impact when it is left unresolved, is key to changing the way grief is viewed and responded to within the community. GCWA has presented a range of training and professional development workshops to government, community and corporate organisations including aged care facilities, prisons, academic institutions, health services and with professional practices such as lawyers, psychologists and social workers.

Each training is designed to tailor to the needs of each organisation. Our counsellors and youth workers are also available to speak about grief at schools, TAFE, universities or other organisations.

Professional Development & CPD

The Grief Centre’s trainers can provide customised education and training for organisations and staff through various presentations, seminars and workshops. GCWA is also an approved QA Provider for CPD points.

These packages give employers and employees with tools to professionally and appropriately respond to grief whether it be their own, their colleagues, customers and/or family and friends. With an understanding of the grieving process and the factors affecting someone in mourning, it is possible to feel more confident when dealing with others during this difficult time. 

Grief in the Workplace 

The Business Review Weekly states that “grieving employees and employers can have a financial, emotional, social and physical impact on work. Grief does not stay quietly at home”

Presenteeism (being physically present but not really productive) is a work issue which costs the Australian economy millions of dollars. While often linked to physical wellbeing, more recent research acknowledges mental and emotional concerns as a major issues in presenteeism. Authors Katherine Ashby and Michelle Mahdon believe the “focus should be on ‘health management’ and not ‘absence management’ … organisations ought to devise health and wellbeing programs designed to counter presenteeism and improve workplace conditions.” (Human Capital Matters: Managing Presenteeism Issue: 5 June 2012).

When a loss occurs to any staff member, it can considerably impact workplace morale and presenteeism, leading to absenteeism. When grief is acknowledged and responded to effectively, staff are more likely to resume their place and productivity at work with a greater physical and mental sense of wellbeing.

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