Organisations have included:

  • Government agencies, both State and Local
  • Not for profit organisations
  • Mental Health
  • Disabilities
  • Professionals, eg Lawyers, Academics, Medical Bodies, Accountants, etc
  • Aged Care
  • Educators and School Communities
  • Prisons
  • Private enterprise

Invitation to Become a Grief Literate Workplace

We invite transformational leaders to contact us to discuss how we can support the cultural evolution of your workplace.


Our corporate training packages are designed to build the grief literacy of employees and increase their emotional intelligence. Further, our complementary counselling and group debriefing packages support the wellbeing of employees through reducing the impacts of accumulated exposure to grief, loss and associated trauma.

Understanding how grief presents, and the impact when it is left unresolved, can change the way grief is viewed and responded to within the workplace and lead to increased wellbeing of employees and a healthier workplace culture. This is critical for building a grief-friendly work environment and for staff retention.

Unresolved grief presents a risk to organisations and businesses that can be mitigated through our specialised workshops and support programs.