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Our Grief Support Groups

Around the world Support Groups have been created to ease the suffering of all kinds of heartache.  For people living with grief attending a Support Group is a means to finding connection, care, and comfort.  Over time sharing with others on the grief journey leads to new meaning and purpose in life.

Dispelling the Support Group Myths

A misconception of grief support groups is that they are dark, depressing and confronting places to be where you are expected to pour out your heart and express your deepest emotions to a room full of strangers.

On the contrary, they can be places of shared stories and tears, there is also much laughter, compassion, hope and healing as connections are formed and experiences validated by those who know.

So, let's be our Centre as a member of the support groups it is okay to:

  • Cry, or not
  • Speak, or not
  • Share stories, or not
  • Laugh, or not
  • Hug, or not

Many people come simply for the connection or to take their first steps towards another way of being after loss.


How can the Support Group help you?


Our Support Groups allow you the opportunity to listen and/or share your feelings in a safe and supportive setting. They help reduce feelings of isolation and make it possible to recognise how grief is both universal and yet differs for everyone. Understanding grief and its effects can help you to cope more effectively and be respectful and supportive of those around you while honouring your own grieving process.


Our Support Groups are for anyone who is grieving, no matter when or how the loss occurred.


The Grief Centre currently hosts Support Groups both face-to-face and online. Our Wednesday and Youth Groups are bereavement specific, while our online groups include support for grief of any kind. This includes the loss of connection, a relationship, a job, a home, the environment, culture, or the future, and those specifically related to COVID-19 change.

All our Support Group Facilitators bring their own lived experience of grief to the sessions in addition to their professional qualifications.

The Support Groups

If you are interested in a support group that is not currently running, you can register your interest for 2024 groups by completing the form below.

Support groups are:

  • Life After Loss (Adults) Wed 9:30-11:30am. OPEN Group. No registration required.

  • Life and Loss (Adults) THURS 6:30-7:30pm. This group invites those experiencing loss of any nature, not exclusively bereavement. CLOSED Group By registration only.. Register now.

  • Growing Through It (Youth 16-21) - TUES 5:30-6:30pm First Tues of Month Face-to-face, then online other Tuesdays.

Attendance is via donation, with a minimum of $10 donation recommended or whatever you can afford.

Your donations allow us to cover the cost of the room.

Express Your Interest

Express your interest in attending a support group by completing the form below.

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