"Grief - Mothers' Stories of Heartbreak and Hope" - by Christine Richardson

"This book will be a tremendous asset and a valuable tool for doctors like myself and other health-care workers trying to assist with families who are going through grief, and most importantly – for any person struggling to deal with grief".

Christine’s book examines and sensitively shares insights gathered from stories of loss, told by mothers who grieve and mourn for a child. It can be used as a companion or manual in the grieving process. This book does not give hard and fast rules. It will give information and support which can be adapted to your needs.

Reading the book was amazing – as I read the excerpts from the stories, I wanted more, and it was a bonus to get to the end of part 1 to find and read the woman’s complete stories. As I did so, I felt I was forming a relationship and a bond with them, which made it much easier to understand and apply their experiences of loss and grief to my own.

It is hard not to approach grief with trepidation and a heavy heart. There is sadness and sometimes despair – but in the end, grief is part of life. I am convinced this book can give any of us the tools to navigate our way through grief, make it possible to survive and find direction and purpose.’

                                    Dr Susan Cruthers MB.BS.

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GRIEF - Mothers' Stories of Heartbreak and Hope

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