Who are we?

The Grief Centre of Western Australia (GCWA) is the trading name for WA Grief Support Incorporated (WAGS). As the legal entity for our charity, WAGS operates under the guidance of a Board of Management and the following aims and objectives.

Our organisational aims

  • To provide quality counselling, support groups and associated activities, and practical services, support and advocacy, for people in Australia living with grief.
  • To research the causes and effects of grief on individuals, culture and society, and to educate the community about the grieving process and its implications, with a particular focus on the link to homelessness.
  • To provide information, services and support aimed at minimising grief including end-of-life care, advanced health directives and funerals.
  • To affect changes in policy regarding how dead, dying and grieving people are treated by corporations, companies, and government departments, as well as any other associations where services are found deficient.

Our broad embrace and understanding of grief gives WAGS the remit to develop and run a range of services, programs and support that are targeted to different areas of concern. In addition to providing grief counseling and support opportunities for people whose loved one has died, our charity also provides specific support and services for people who are homeless through our Street Friends program.

Street Friends WA

Street Friends WA is committed to helping make life a little more comfortable for the homeless of Perth in Western Australia. We meet every from approximately 5:30pm to 7:00pm at the corner of Wellington and Pier Street (the railway line side), Perth. Here, we offer food, warm bedding, and clothing for those sleeping rough.

The Street Friends Op Shop operates from 231 North Beach Drive – your donations are warmly welcomed.

For more information abut Street Friends, or to offer your support or volunteer, please see our Facebook page (link)

Street Friends WA Facebook