Our Executive Leadership Team

Our executive leadership team are engaged operationally to ensure the smooth running of the Centre.

Christine Overstone
Corporate & Community Education Lead

Christine is the co-founder of The Grief Centre of WA, maintaining the integrity of the mission of the Centre through her skilled leadership and professional development of the team. For a decade and a half, Christine served as the linchpin of one of Western Australia's enduring Personal Development Programs within the Education Department. Her impact spans an impressive array of sectors, touching the lives of professors, surgeons, domestic violence survivors and perpetrators, armed forces personnel, hairdressers, factory workers, and clerical staff, both in public and private domains. Christine's commitment to inclusivity is evident in her diverse client group, offering transformative programs and projects that transcend societal boundaries. Her unwavering dedication to introducing and cultivating emotional competency and self-management skills has left an indelible mark on individuals from all walks of life. Venturing beyond conventional realms, Christine has applied her expertise to the challenging landscape of the prison system, achieving remarkable results. Her steadfast dedication to fostering positive change has become a beacon of hope for those within the justice system. In 2018, Christine embraced a new chapter as a founding Board Member of the Alcohol and Other Drugs Consumer Community Coalition (AODCCC). This independent coalition was established to champion robust representation, advocacy, and engagement, not only for consumers of alcohol and other drugs but also for their families and supporters. Christine's unwavering commitment to community well-being and empowerment continues to illuminate her path as a trailblazer in personal development and social change.

Kathryn Budzinska
Client Contact Team Lead

Kath has been involved at the Grief Centre of WA since December 2015 initially as a specialist grief counsellor and support group facilitator, and more recently as a member of the Management Committee. Kath has 4 decades of experience as a Registered Comprehensive Nurse specialising in midwifery. As a result, Kath has worked across the birth, life, and death spectrum. In addition to continuing with her nursing career, Kath completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology in order to offer grief support for the parents of baby-death. Kath regularly runs Professional Development seminars for health professionals so they have opportunities to acknowledge and attend to their grief outside of the workplace. As one of the longest serving members of the Grief Centre team, Kath brings her wisdom and compassionate heart to her leadership role where she is guiding the growth and development of a diverse team of counsellors and group facilitators, including supervising work placement students.

Hayley Solich
Business & Engagement Team Lead

Bringing over four decades of rich business acumen to our team, Hayley Solich has navigated diverse roles and industries, from steering her own businesses to contributing significantly in not-for-profit and government sectors. Armed with qualifications in Small Business Management and Training and Assessment, Hayley has been a driving force at all levels—local, state, and national. A highly successful trainer, she boasts multiple awards, including the WA Mental Health Award for Consumer Impact Inspiration and the prestigious City of Stirling Community Citizen of the Year Award. At the national stage, Hayley served as the WA Carer Representative on the National Mental Health Consumer & Carer Forum for 4.5 years, demonstrating her leadership prowess in executive roles such as Carer Co-Chair and Deputy Carer Co-Chair. Grief is not just a concept to Hayley; it's a familiar companion. Having faced personal losses due to disease, road trauma, miscarriage, and suicide, her work is underpinned by profound understanding and compassion. As an educator, Hayley seamlessly integrates lived experiences into her approach, strategically sharing stories to enhance learning opportunities. Heading the Business and Engagement Team, Hayley is not just a leader but a passionate systems designer, product developer, team educator, and sustainability champion for the Centre. Her commitment goes beyond the boardroom, fueling our collective mission to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those seeking solace and support at The Grief Centre.