The Grief Centre of WA has a number of workers behind the scenes who help it run smoothly. Below are some of our team who would love to introduce themselves to you.

Linda joined the GCWA Management Committee in 2017 bringing with her a wealth of experience in community development across the arts, women’s health, disability, and multicultural sectors. Her unique knowledge of the not-for-profit sector comes through her time on numerous Boards and Committees, her role assessing grants for Lotterywest and the Office of Multicultural Interests, and as the Executive Manager of Community Midwifery WA Inc. – a resource centre for pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

Central to Linda’s diverse work is her commitment to empowering people to make informed choices and embrace change as an opportunity for growth. Her support of Indigenous self-determination led Linda to live and work in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands in the early ‘90s and to becoming a successful independent filmmaker with a number of her documentaries commissioned and produced for SBSTV.

Linda’s current work focuses on minimizing the intensity of grief through the demystification of death and dying, and the promotion of early, well-informed end-of-life decisions.

Linda Rawlings

General Manager

Kath Budzinska

Group Facilitator

Kath has been a counsellor and group facilitator at GCWA since December 2015. Kath has had extensive experience in the support of others in a variety of challenging and stressful situations but particularly in grief and loss. Kath is proud to be associated with The Grief Centre of WA, offering support to the bereaved of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs. Because of Kath’s own personal and professional grief experiences, she knows first-hand the effect of grief on the individual, the family, and the community at large.

Kath has 37 years of experience as a Registered Comprehensive Nurse and 34 years as a Registered Midwife. As a result, Kath has worked across the birth, life, and death spectrum. As well as continuing with her nursing career, Kath has completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology and is currently employed as a counsellor at MSWA. For thirty years Kath has also been associated with drug and alcohol support. This role has had a particular focus on helping people deal with someone else’s substance abuse and the associated co-morbidities. She has experience of the impact of grief and stress on both the individual affected, and those that love and care about them.

Katrin joined the Grief Centre in early 2018 and she is an experienced counsellor and workshop facilitator who specialises in supporting others through grief and loss. She is also on the Management Committee of the Grief Centre and holds the Research portfolio.

Katrin offers clients a variety of approaches in addition to counselling, such as writing to work through loss, Compositionwork and PSYCH-K.  Her workshops offer practical tools, inspiration and guidance for the process of transitioning from grief to more inner peace. Katrin is passionate about writing as a medium to adapt to grief, which she sees as a powerful pathway that offers validation, clarity, self-understanding and increased well-being.

Katrin has personally experienced the transitioning from grief to rebuilding a new life following the death of her husband and has written a grief memoir about her experiences of young widowhood. She has a PhD and a Masters in Creative Writing, which combined creative writing and narrative psychology. Her research focuses on utilising writing for recovery from grief and contemporary bereavement theory, combining both to develop writing exercises.

Katrin is grateful to be part of the passionate and inspiring team at the Grief Centre. She has two decades experience working with a range of personal development modalities and has completed facilitator training.


Katrin Den Elzen

Group facilitator

Brody has been a counsellor and group facilitator at GCWA since August 2016. As a Youth Engagement Officer, Brody likes to be engaged with the community in any opportunity that presents itself. After taking on Youth Work units while studying psychology, he developed an interest in working with young people in the mental health field. Personal interests include motorbike riding, video gaming, Muai Thai, and music (both playing and listening to).

He has worked in a range of youth-related positions, such as, a Mentor at AIME, a volunteer at Helping Minds, a Youth Group President at a local church, a piano tutor, and as a Support Worker for young adults with disabilities. His responsibilities and interested at GCWA include: school mental health expos, local community health expos, partnership development with youth-focussed organisations, and project development for youth empowerment and mental health discussions.

The main focus for Brody is to facilitate impactful support groups with Caitlyn and to offer specialised grief counselling for young people. He wants to make sure that young people feel understood by peers who have experienced great loss(es) like themselves. He believes that the key to growth in life, particularly when struck by grief, is to develop positive connections; with the self and with others.

Brody Stracke

Group Facilitator