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The Modality of PSYCH-K®

PSYCH-K® offers a unique and direct way to identify and change subconscious beliefs that perpetuate old habits and behaviours we wish to change. It’s a simple yet powerful set of processes that help us to communicate with our subconscious mind so we can change limiting beliefs and transform them to support more positive and beliefs and choices instead.


Over 95% of our beliefs are held in the subconscious mind, and almost 80% of those are limiting beliefs that can sabotage ourlife. Like an iceberg, which only shows its tip, subconscious beliefs are submerged from conscious awareness, hidden.

Your beliefs are the foundation of your experiences in all areas of your life. 

In relation to grief, trauma, distress and stress, PSYCH-K® offers a process that helps to unlock these on a subconscious level. This rapid mindset modality works to support the healing emotional wounds no matter when they occurred in your life.

A session takes approximately one hour and can be delivered both face-to-face and online.

To understand more about PSYCH-K® click here for a short video.

For more information, or to book a session, please contact one of our PSYCH-K® facilitators by emailing: