Corporate Support

Western Australia has a proud tradition of rolling up its sleeves and giving to the needy. Often, local businesses lead the charge. The Grief Centre is a vital service provider to the Western Australian community and encourages the support of local corporations. We gratefully accept any donation, whether it is the offering of free services to help us help our community or through a tax-deductible donation.

If you’re looking to become an official partner of The Grief Centre, you will be able to achieve some exciting benefits that may strengthen your business (depending on the level of sponsorship).

Benefits can include:
• Having your Company Logo and link to your website on our home page
• Online Mutual Support via Facebook (including post-sharing when appropriate)
• Public exposure for competitions or raffles (if applicable)
• Promotion to our clients or event attendees (if appropriate)
• Promotional Material presented at our centre

Please submit your donations through our donations page here.

Should you wish to volunteer your services, please click here for more info here.