The Grief Centre is delighted to have received a Lotterywest Organisational Development Grant to increase the Centre’s capacity to respond to the many new challenges arising from the impact of the COVID19 pandemic, including the understandable but alarming rise of grief in our communities. 

The grant will enable us to expand our premises at Tuart College after coordinating all administration and support group activities from one space for over 6 years.  The Centre’s new adjoining room will be a dedicated workshop space with the current room fitted-out with a reception area, workstations, meeting spaces and a small kitchenette.  While there was some sadness around moving the special space where so much healing and support has occurred over the years, we know that this change will expand our capacity to offer so much more.

An exciting new position also comes with the grant to employ a Business Development Manager for 18mths to drive the establishment of the Grief Centre as key organisation in the end of life and grief sector in WA.  Support for marketing and a series of innovative Warm Data Labs to consult with stakeholders and our community are also part of the funding.