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Presented by the Grief Centre's Founder Christine Richardson, this training introduces the concepts of grief and how it affects us in the workplace. It is intended to heighten awareness of grief through group exploration of the consequences of death or loss, the ways that people demonstrate grief, societal expectations of ways people should express their grief and how we formulate our understandings of grief. It also will introduce participants to the concepts of emotional literacy including a greater awareness of self and others. These workshops are held over 4 hours. DATES for 2022 : Friday 17 June Friday 14 October Saturday 27 September COST : $110 / $50 concession. For more information, or to register your interest please use the form below.

Our awesome features

This workshop offers practical tools, inspiration and guidance for the process of addressing grief and loss, including bereavement as well as other losses such as divorce, life-threatening illness, infertility, job loss and Covid-related losses. We will use writing to explore possibilities of renewal and change. Writing is a powerful pathway that offers validation, self-understanding, emotion awareness, clarity and increased well-being. The kind of writing entered into is for you personally. No special writing skills necessary Facilitator - Katrin Den Elzen (PhD) has personally experienced the transitioning from grief to rebuilding a new life following the death of her husband. She has written a grief memoir and is an experienced group facilitator and grief counsellor. Katrin teaches Writing for Wellbeing at Murdoch Uni for counselling students. DATES : Saturday, 21 May - 10 am to 3 pm Saturday, 26 November - 10 am to 3 pm COST : $110 / $65 concession. For more information, or to register your interest please use the form below.

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A Workshop to Explore Grief for Health Professionals At the Grief Centre we hear many stories about heartache and loss - not only from those who have had family, friends or pets die but also from the professionals who offer their expertise and support at the end of life. While debrief and support is offered as a duty of care in healthcare institutions, we also know that being with our grief together in a non-professional context is important, even essential. This informative and warmhearted workshop is presented by Kath Budzinska, our Client Contact Team Leader at the Grief Centre. The workshop will be followed by 'A Taste of Sound' - a soothing session of sound therapy with Cherry Chapman, a counsellor with MSWA and a Postgraduate Diploma in Sound Therapy. DATES : TBA 9am - 3.30pm COST: $100 / $60 concession To register your interest please use the form below.

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You are invited to join our professional Outdoor Educators and Grief Centre Volunteers to experience half-day hikes and bi-monthly shorter walks designed to acknowledge and attend to our grief. This unique approach to bereavement support integrates physical activity, forest trails, navigation, mindfulness practice, and supportive therapy along with an intention to honour and celebrate the person who died, in a fundamentally active way. DATES TBC and are likely to include these: NAIDOC Week - July 3rd National Grief Awareness Day - August 30th RUOK Day - September 8th Baby Loss Remembrance Day - October 15 Remembrance Day - November 11th This Project is funded by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries. Attendance is free. RSVPs are essential. Please register your interest below.

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Being a teen is tough enough without having to deal with the death of a close friend or relative. Knowing how to navigate the territory of grief to allow sparks of joy and tenderness comes with support and understanding. In this workshop we share exercises and conversations that allow our pain and sorrow to be present in a way that helps us to embrace life with change. New possibilities emerge and new connections are made. Dates TBA - for more information or to register your interest please use the form below.

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This one-day workshop is dedicated to honouring death and grief as essential events that come to us as we journey through life. When we allow ourselves the space and time to reflect deeply on our lives and the losses within it, new ways of seeing and feeling our sorrows emerge along with a desire to live life with evermore gratitude and joy. Using diverse perspectives and creative processes, this tender inquiry works to ease our anxieties and heartache, and to increase our sense of connection and wonder. Facilitator: Linda Rawlings is an experienced facilitator whose focus has turned from a life-long exploration of childbirth issues to the pressing need for more information, readiness and respect around death, dying and grief. DATES : Sunday, June 20 - 9-4pm Saturday, July 30 - 9-4pm Saturday, Oct 15 - 9-4pm COST : $130 / $60 concession For more information, or to register your interest please use the form below.

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Through this 90 min session Sound Therapist Christine Morrison will gently guide you to feel nurtured, relaxed and at peace using ancient instruments, her voice and healing music that she creates in the moment for the group. No musical experience is required, just a yearning to feel at peace as you honour and journey forward with your grief. Christine has facilitated Sound and Music healing groups and workshops for 26 years. She is internationally renowned as a leader and advocate of Sound and Music healing, having worked with a diverse range of populations, cultures and abilities both performing as a musician, key note speaker, workshop facilitator and creator of music programmes and courses. DATES : TBA inquiries welcome. COST : $48 / $30 concession.

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In the company of horses, Erin Griffin will guide you into your body, using gentle breath, movement and meditation experiences. When we share space with horses we have an opportunity to be like them - grounded and very much in the present moment. When we settle into presence, we begin to tend to our thoughts, feelings and sensations in a way that is more intentional and more compassionate. Please note no previous meditation or horse experience is necessary and no horse riding takes place. Sessions are 60 mins and you won't be required to sit or be still for any longer than is comfortable and nourishing for you. Groups will be capped at 7 participants per session. These sessions are facilitated by Erin Griffin, who weaves her intrigue around what it means to live well & die wise with her love of connection, horses, yoga and meditation. DATES : TBA - inquiries welcome. COST : $40 / $25 concession.

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